Methodology Adopted

User Research / Analysis

We take the time to learn your business and ask the right set of questions to understand your ideas and thoughts, users and your competition and the problems or opportunities that you are seeking to address. We then conduct heuristic analysis and competitive research and analysis, apply the principles of user-centered design and assess all UI/UX relevant factors impacting the project in order to define the correct business goals, user needs and challenges to be addressed.

All of our UX consultants and UI designers are well experienced in user interface, interaction and visual design and the ability to understand the technologies that power the user experiences they are designing.

UX Design Strategy

UX360 uses a user-centered design process that creates design solutions at the intersection of user needs and your business goals. We start with a discovery process to understand user needs and business goals and set priorities and objectives for the design. After discovery, our design process obtains user feedback early and often to ensure the designs meet these objectives. We deliver our designs in prototypes, specifications, code and work with client development teams using CX/UX Agile process.

We create for both the client and its customers; insight which opens up the design space; a creative brief to focus thinking; a plan for project management and communications.

Evidence Driven Creativity

Product and service design are practices that require specific skill-sets. Our design lab has the necessary experience, methods and tools to execute work from both of these skill sets. Whether you need a proof of concept for an Internet of Things solution or a multichannel experience that spans different parts of your organisation we can hand-pick the right team for your requirement.

Our design team will then convert the proof of concept into realistic elegant, impacting designs for the end-user. We will develop prototypes of the emerging experience – usually in code – so that we can explore exactly how micro-interactions, motion graphics, copy and visual content come together. The result is user experience that feels right in every sense: useful, usable and a vivid expression of your brand.